KIGS Library’s collections encompass reading resources related to the courses offered which aims to support the need of its users. Among them are books, magazines, journals, theses (IT final year projects), Brunei collection, references (encyclopedia & dictionaries) and newspapers.

Electronics Resources and Multimedia Collection

The library strives to diversify the reading materials by obtaining e-resources such as e-books, e-journal and CDs.

Library Collections

Kolej IGS Library strive to provides varieties of information resources to its users. The collections encompass reading resources related to the courses offered which aims to support the research need of its users. However, there are also other reading materials for leisure reading purposes and to nurture reading habit. All library collections are listed in the library’s online catalog.

Library collection can be categorized such as below:

  1. This section contains foreign authored books and most may be borrowed. General Collection subjects covered such as Information Technologies, Business, Multimedia, Languages etc.

  2. Brunei collection is a collection of books authored by Bruneian. This includes dictionaries and serial published in Brunei Darussalam. Code for this collection are KBru (Brunei general collection), KBruR (Brunei Reference Collection) and KBruS (Brunei Serial Collection).

  3. This collection consists of any reading materials that related to ASEAN. Code “KAse” is used for this collection.

  4. Reference collections such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, glossary etc. This collection can be used in the library only and it is labeled with the code “Ruj”.

  5. Serial collections mean any reading materials that are periodically published for example annually, monthly, quarterly etc. This collection consists of printed serials item such as yearbook, magazine, directories, journal, periodicals, and reports.

  6. The library currently held 125 titles of Final Year Project done by students under the Faculty of Information Technology. This collection can be use in the library only.

  7. Kolej IGS library subscribed the local and foreign newspapers such as Borneo Bulletin, Pelita Brunei and The Straits Times.

  8. The library strives to diversify the reading materials by obtaining e-resources such as e-books, e-journal and CDs. KIGS Bulletin and scanned press cutting that related to Kolej IGS also included in the e-resources collection. Electronic resources can be access and viewed in the Kolej IGS Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

Books Arrangement

Books are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme consisting of 21 broad categories (labeled A-Z). Alphabets I, O, W, Y are NOT in used. Broad categories are further divided by adding one or two additional alphabets and a set of numbers. The shelf ends are clearly marked to help guide you through the sequence. Below is a brief summary of Library of Congress Classification main classes. For further and elaborate details can be view at


Lending Services

KIGS Library lending services located at the library counter comprises of activities such as transaction of library materials, payment of fines/lost items and registration for membership. The loan period and books limit are:

Users Category Entitle Duration
SCT/DIP/HND and Foundation 2 Books 2 Weeks
Degree 4 Books 2 Weeks
Lecturers/Staff 5 Books 2 Weeks

All borrowing, renewal and book returning has to be done at the library counter. Borrowed books must be returned on time or before the expire date. Books that are not on reserve for another library user may be renewed for up to two weeks but can only be applied once.

**NOTE: All library users must show their student ID card upon borrowing

Late fees

Books in possession of the library are allowed to be borrowed for a duration of two weeks. Fine rate for overdue items is $0.50 per day/book. Users failing in returning the books on time will be restricted from borrowing books until all books owed have been returned and fine paid. If a user failed to return the borrowed book in the next two weeks, the book will be considered lost and she/he will be charged twice the price of the lost book.

Damaged or Lost Items

Library users are responsible to keep the condition of the book intact. Any damages or changes the value/quality of the books, the users shall be fined double the price of each lost/damaged book. All categories of borrowers are subjected to library fines.

Printing Service

There are two printers available for use and provided with internet access to download and print materials from online resources. Charges for printing are:

Ink type Paper Size Price (per page)
Black and white A4 $0.10
Black and white A3 $1.50
**Colour print A4 $1.00 below
**Colour print A3 $3.00 below
**Subject to the content of the paper

Photocopying Service

KIGS Library has 3 photocopying machines that produce Black and white A4 (cost $0.05) copies, with reduction and enlargement facilities. Coloured A4 and A3 copies cost the same as printing.

**Payment for printing and photocopy should be made at the library counter.

References & Information services

If you’re looking for more information, the KIGS library staff can point you in the right direction.

Binding services

KIGS Library also provide binding services for the convenience of students. Stationaries such as binding rings, transparency, CD-R, and folder files can be purchased at the library counter.


Computers and the internet

There are 4 computers connected with the internet provided in the library and are intended for educational purposes. In no event that the available facilities (plugs, Ethernet cable etc) are used for personal laptop and other devices without prior permission. The library computer or components are not allowed to be removed for any reason without permission. Anyone caught taking these items will incur a harsh penalty, including, but not limited to, expulsion from the library for a given time, and/or expulsion from IGS College.

Laptop access to wireless networks

Students are now able to configure their own laptops and other compatible portable devices to access Internet and other IT services via the wireless networks. If advice or assistance is needed on configuration equipment to this service, please consult the librarian in charge.

Study Spaces

Group study room and individual study carrels are also available in the library. First come, first serve basis.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday and Saturday

8.00 am to 12 pm
1.30 pm to 4.45 pm

Friday,Sunday & Public Holidays

Latest Collection:

Reservation Loan

Kek cawan: My Cupcake's Life

  • Author(s): Diah Othman
  • ISBN : 9991707913
  • Published Date : 2013
  • Language: Malay
  • Genre: Food
  • Call number(s):
    KBru TX771 D53 2013 c.1 (Reference-Only)
    KBru TX771 D53 2013 c.2 (Available)
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1 copies available for reservation

1 copies/copy available for reference only
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